Why Companies Participate?

We have been sponsoring investor conferences in New York and Boston and putting the interests of presenting public companies first for 25 years. We invite an extremely comprehensive group of professional investors (see below), limit the number of concurrent tracks to three and as a traditional investor conference do not include sponsors, sales people or vendors as attendees.

We host our conferences at the prestigious University Club of NYC ideally located on 5th Avenue and 54th Street.

Comparison of Wall Street Analyst Forum vs. Investment Bank Sponsored Investor Conferences

 WSAF Investor ConferenceInvestment Banks
WSAF Investor Conference Investment Banks
Invite all buy side analysts and portfolio managers using Zacks Institutional Investors Database
YesNo, they invite those that achieve a certain soft dollar trading volume
Invite all sell-side analystsYesNever, that is their competition
Invite all registered investment advisors (RIA’s) (In metro-NYC)YesOver 1/3 of RIA’s never conduct soft dollar trading with any investment bank and therefore are never invited to any investment bank conferences.
Work with our partners Thomson Reuters’ StreetEvents, The Wall Street Calendar and theflyonthewall.com to ensure all key investors are invitedYesYes
Invite investor members of the New York Security Analyst Society.Yes No. If they are not a soft dollar trading client they are not invited. About 1/3 of these members fall into that category.
Allow all presenting companies to invite investorsYesDefinitely not
Include chief investment strategists from investment banks to serve as key-note speakersYesNo

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